Mud resistant cables NEK TS 606:2016

Oil RIg platform

Camuna Cavi manufacture Mud Resistant Cables with external jacket SHF2 mud resistant as per NEK TS 606:2016  standard.

In accordance with NEK TS 606:2016 the mud resistant cables shall have a sheath that complies with the requirements in IEC 60092-350 and 360 for SHF2.

Mud resistant cables shall be designed with sheathing compounds suitable for installation and operation in contact with drilling mud.


Drilling mud, also called drilling fluid, in petroleum engineering, is a heavy, viscous fluid mixture that is used in oil and gas drilling operations to carry rock cuttings to the surface and also to lubricate and cool the drill bit. The drilling mud, by hydrostatic pressure, also helps prevent the collapse of unstable strata into the borehole and the intrusion of water from water-bearing strata that may be encountered.

Our mud resistant cables  certified in agreement with:

 Standard Description
  NEK TS 606 2016 Cables for offshore installations.
 IEC 60092-350 2014 Electrical installations in ships – Part 350: General construction and test methods of power, control and instrumentation cables for shipboard and offshore applications
 IEC 60092-360 2014 Electrical installations in ships - Part 360: Insulating and sheathing materials for shipboard and offshore units, power, control, instrumentation and telecommunication cables