Data & Bus Cables (Copper and Fiber Optic)

Armoured versions of  UNITRONIC® and ETHERLINE® cables (RS485, RS422, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-FMS, PROFIBUS-FIP, Fieldbus, Ethernet CAT.6A and CAT.7)

Armoured versions of HITRONIC® optical fiber cables

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HITRONIC® FIRE Ensures that the fi bres can still transmit data during and after a fire (according to IEC 60331-25)
UNITRONIC® ARMOUR SWA LEAD BUS PA Cables for bus systems profi bus -PA with extruded lead armouring for chemical protection
ETHERLINE® ARMOUR SWA CAT. 7 Lan cables with steel wire armouring (SWA
HITRONIC® ARMOUR SWA AL/HDPE/PA Fibre optic cable with aluminum tape and additional HDPE and PA sheaths for water and chemical protection