Power Cables

A power cable is used for transmission of electrical power.

They are typically composed up to five conductors for the following purposes:

  • 3 cores for each phase (R, S, T)
  • 1 core for neutral (N)
  • 1 core for protection earth (PE)

Here below different constructions of power cables, to see our full capabilities please download our general catalogue

For more detailed information on the most common available constructions click here

ÖLFLEX® POWER 110 Low voltage power cable CU/PVC/PVC
ÖLFLEX® POWER SWA LEAD 187 Armoured, Lead jacketed, Low voltage power cable CU/XLPE/PVC/LC/PVC/SWA/PVC
ÖLFLEX® POWER SWA AL/HDPE/PA 188 Armoured, AL/HDPE/PA jacketed, Low voltage power cable CU/XLPE/AL/HDPE/PA/SWA/PVC
ÖLFLEX® POWER SWB 191 H Armoured, Low voltage power cable LSZH 125 °C CU/XLPO/LSZH/SWB/LSZH
ÖLFLEX® POWER SWA F90 306 H Fire resistant, armoured, Low voltage power cable LSZH CU/MT/XLPE/LSZH/SWA/LSZH