Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple cable is required to make the connection between the thermocouple and the measuring instrument. The construction is totally similar to the Instrument cables a part the material of the conductors. Thermocouple Extension cables use the same alloys as the thermocouple. Compensating cables use different alloys which have a matched emf output over the appropriate temperature range. The Extension cables are more accurate but more expensive than Compensating.

Here below different constructions of thermocouple cables, to see our full capabilities please download our general catalogue

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TT PVC-oST-PVC Overall screened extension or compensating TT*/PVC/OS/PVC (*Thermocouple Type Conductor)
TT XLPO-oST-XLPO-SWA-XLPO Armoured, overall screened extension or compensating, LSZH 125 °C TT*/XLPO/OS/LSZH/SWA/LSZH (*Thermocouple Type Conductor)
TT XLPE-iST-oST-PVC-LEAD-PVC-SWA-PVC Armoured, lead jacketed, individual and overall screened extension or compensating TT*/XLPE/IS/OS/PVC/LC/PVC/SWA/PVC (*Thermocouple Type Conductor)