Lapp Muller



« Your customized cabling solutions »



The firm is Lapp Group’s point of reference for cables integrating technology; LAPP MULLER is your partner for all of customized cable systems and short lengths integrating electrical, pneumatic, optical, and hydraulic or support functions.


Lapp Muller designs and carries out customised surveys using its full range of expertise and all its fields of activities.

Its experience allows it to offer a full range of high-performance speciality cables for use on production lines, in nuclear, marine and submarine, harbour, airport applications etc.


In the Oil and Gas, our cables have been used in many applications for both exploration as well as production on oil and gas platforms around the world. Found in day to day maintenance equipment to the actual positioning systems used for the location of platforms and pipelines to all important safety equipment.

Additionally LAPP MULLER cables can also be seen in valve control and monitoring equipment used for gas transportation.


Lapp Muller’s team of engineers is highly competent in its mastery of raw materials and manufacturing processes, with 25 years experience in several fields of activity and is the ideal partner for the development of your projects.

Our test centre is perfectly suited to your requirements.